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Marine Engine Service

Our experience, our constant training and up to date knowledge makes us the top in the after sales services provided.

We are equipped with all the necessary tools and diagnostic systems to solve any problem in any marine engine.

Our services include also any need that you may face in your boat either in the mechanical, electrical or electronic area.

Do not hesitate to contact us for anything that bothers you.

We can handle almost anything!

Peace of mind is what we offer to our customers!

Motorcycle Service

In our facilities our technicians will treat your motorcycle or scooter as on the kind, offering services of highest level.

Experience, intensive training, up to date infrastructure are the key features for high level services.

Peace of mind is what we offer to our customers!

Boat Parking

The parking of your boat is something that bothers you?

No problem! In our facilities of total 4000m2 you have the ability to safely park your boat with no worrying.

Combined to boat parking, additional services are offered, such as boat cleaning, regular check up and maintenance.

Please contact us in order to create your own personalised parking service.

Rent a Boat

Rent a Motorcycle

Rent a Bike

We have the ability to rent high end bicycles to our customers for mountain or road usage.

Our current stock of rental bicycles allows us to rent in group of people as well !!

Contact us for extra information on any of our services